What a difference a year makes

And they said it couldn’t be done.

Actually, no one said that: it’s just one of those clichés that come to mind when you pull together an anniversary entry like this. There was no ‘They’ then or now acting as naysayers.

Indeed, the only They that matters is You — our audience, many of you newer to MEDIA INDIGENA, but a fair number of you regular visitors. Thanks to Google Analytics, we know these things, and they make us mighty happy.

Because sometimes you gotta wonder whether anyone out there is digesting our words, watching our videos, or hearing our mini-podcasts. Truthfully, it’s what we live for, and why we keep coming back day after day, week after week, producing the latest piece for your enjoyment and enlightenment.

Just as gratifying, if not more so, is the feedback and interaction our efforts spark, be it through the hundreds of comments posted via our DISQUS system, or people’s re-tweets of us on Twitter, or their sharing of our Facebook Page updates/links. You honour us with your attention and recognition.

What will year two bring? Never sure it would come, I can’t say I’ve spent much time thinking about that. Now, I’m not saying there isn’t tons of stuff we’d love to do with the site (it’s in need of a serious re-design and restructuring), but I’ve just taken it day by day. If it was up to me, this site would be all I do. But, like the others who make up the MEDIA INDIGENA crew, I still need my day job (which I thoroughly enjoy, by the way).

(Recently, we just finalized our advertising rates and strategy, a way to help bring in revenue to support the costs associated with maintaining the site and hopefully one day offering some degree of compensation to those who labour so generously over it. Inquiries in this regard are definitely welcome. End of commercial plug.)

With that, let me reiterate what a thrill it’s been to undertake this enterprise, something I could not have done without the amazing skills and support of Tim Fontaine, not to mention the sage counsel of David Pensato, and last but not least, all the other MI contributors who continue to give so freely of their time, talent and insights:  Dan David, Hayden King, Martha Troian, Niigonwedom Sinclair, Penny Cadrain, Roberta Stout and Waubgeshig Rice.

Rick Harp, Editor-in-Chief,

2 thoughts on “What a difference a year makes

  1. Migwetch for bringing popular and grassroots Indigenous news to the inter-web! Congratulations on your first year and I look forward to all that 2011 (and a bit of 12) will bring.

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