The Last Kinection keeps Aboriginal beat alive

Just came across this great song and video from Australian hip hop trio, The Last Kinection, who I discovered by visiting the blog renoriginal. Released in 2008 as their first single, “Ballooraman” (meaning ‘love’) features lyrics in their traditional Aboriginal dialect.

A little background on The Last Kinection, courtesy of their website: Featuring siblings Naomi (MC Nay) and Joel (Weno) Wenitong along with Jacob Turier (DJ Jay Tee), TLK’s name is inspired by the “rapid pace they were losing their elders.” The Last Kinection became a way for MC Nay and Weno “to honour and express their pride, respect and knowledge for their culture,” the Kabbi Kabbi people in the state of South East Queensland.

Self-described as “the soundtrack to their lives as Australian Indigenous young people (Murries) living an urban Australian life,” their music blends the contemporary with digital technologies and traditional chants, lingo and instruments.

And if you enjoy what you’re seeing and hearing above, you’ll be happy to know that TLK’s second album The Next of Kin will be released through the Elefant Traks label in the second half of 2010.

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