REVIEW: “Lani’s Story” at imagineNATIVE2010

Lani’s Story 51 min. | 2009 | Australia Directed by Genevieve Grieves Screening at imagineNATIVE Sunday Oct 24 @ 1pm, Al Green Theatre (Bloor at Spadina) MI Rating: ★★★ (out of 5) —————— ◊ —————— An at-times harrowing documentary about one Aboriginal woman’s journey to physical, mental and emotional recovery after a vicious attack at […]

The Last Kinection keeps Aboriginal beat alive

Just came across this great song and video from Australian hip hop trio, The Last Kinection, who I discovered by visiting the blog renoriginal. Released in 2008 as their first single, “Ballooraman” (meaning ‘love’) features lyrics in their traditional Aboriginal dialect. A little background on The Last Kinection, courtesy of their website: Featuring siblings Naomi […]

Top 10 Settler Excuses for Colonialism

While I may not totally agree with all of its arguments, and some of it is clearly Australia-specific, this set of replies by the blog Blackfellas to the “Top Ten Colonist Self Justifications” offered by white Australians is hilarious. I have no doubt Aboriginal peoples in Canada and the US can easily adapt these rationalizations […]