Obama shares the wealth

In one of the most controversial announcements to ever come out of the Nobel Foundation, U.S. president Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009. Peace advocates questioned the selection, given the American military presence in many conflicts around the globe. Obama accepted it humbly, and vowed to donate the $1.4 million dollar […]

I want names!

Somebody put an ad on an online site called USEDWinnipeg.com offering to pick up Aboriginal people and drop them off in “the hood” or a reserve or just out of town. Now some groups want a criminal investigation calling it a hate crime.

Calculating the Bottom Line for First Nations

A few days ago, the federal Conservatives proposed their new budget, totaling out at roughly $280 billion in expenditures (versus apx. $231 billion in revenues). And as we saw in Tim Fontaine’s overview, the 2010 federal budget included a few multi-million dollar programs and services aimed at Aboriginal people. Millions and billions: these are impressive, […]