First in 4-part Aboriginal Graphic Novel Series to Hit Shelves: “Stone”

Stone, the first in a four-part series of graphic novels called 7 Generations, is set to be released Apr. 15. The series follows Edwin, a present-day Aboriginal teenager, on his journey to understand and reconcile with his family’s history. The striking colour cover accompanies black-and-white illustrations inside. 7 Generations will span the history of “the […]

An Aboriginal Who’s Who of Canadian Politics

Your guide to Aboriginal Parliamentarians and Senators Interested in politics?  Sure you are! And because you are, you’ll love this ‘Who’s Who’ of Aboriginal politicians in Canada’s Parliament. (I hope to do the same for other levels of government at some point.) I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it… The House […]

Residential School Money: Has It Helped Survivors Heal?

The Aboriginal Healing Foundation (AHF) has just released The Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement’s Common Experience Payment and Healing: A Qualitative Study Exploring Impacts on Recipients. (PDF of study available here.) The Common Experience Payment (CEP) is a component of the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement and is intended to monetarily recognize and compensate the […]