I want names!

Somebody put an ad on an online site called USEDWinnipeg.com offering to pick up Aboriginal people and drop them off in “the hood” or a reserve or just out of town. Now some groups want a criminal investigation calling it a hate crime.

Different song, same old sh*t

Recently, CBC Radio’s The Current interviewed some people about a proposed youth recreation centre in northend Winnipeg aimed at Aboriginal youth. What could be wrong with that, you ask? Well, the Youth for Christ group behind the proposal is a fundamentalist, evangelical Christian group that wants to convert youth over to its particular brand of […]

Here’s an idea!

At just about every place I’ve ever been fired from (long list, too much to explain in this limited space), I’ve advocated something that seems so simple, so straightforward, so obvious that when I bring it up the reaction is almost always the same. The listener’s hand sweeps up with a loud “smack” as the […]

Reel Injun, real reviews

Even the director’s name hits the right note with this documentary about  Hollywood stereotypes. Yep… Neil Diamond. I think I might have met this James Bay Cree director at the Moose Hotel in Val D’Or around closing time. But that’s another story for another time. This one is about how Hollywood first exploited stereotypes about […]