Reel Injun, real reviews

Even the director’s name hits the right note with this documentary about  Hollywood stereotypes. Yep… Neil Diamond. I think I might have met this James Bay Cree director at the Moose Hotel in Val D’Or around closing time. But that’s another story for another time.

This one is about how Hollywood first exploited stereotypes about North American Indigenous peoples, then stamped them onto the cerebelums of generations of people all over the world. Today, we Indigenous types have a tough time sifting through all the garbage Hollywood put there – garbage about ourselves.

For a nice collection of reviews about this documentary, you might want to saunter over to two places with very different offerings. For a Canadian slant, complete with knock at the good old CBC, check out Paul Wineberg’s take on “Reel Injun” at

Then, why don’t ya just mosey on over to Newspaper Rock, where Rob Schmidt does a fantastic job of collecting and analyzing and just plain being there when you need him – like when you want to find out what folks think (mostly American) about this documentary south of the 49th.

Now move it, pilgrim, before my trigger finger gets itchy.

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