In the midst of ‘truth’ and ‘reconciliation,’ Canada fails to bring child abusers to justice

Alois Brunner, Dr. Aribert Heim, Ivan Demjanjuk — names of but a few of the most wanted war criminals named by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Los Angeles-based human rights advocacy group and well-known Nazi-hunting organization. According to the CBC, just this week, former Nazi death camp guard Samuel Kunz (3rd most wanted on the list) was […]

Reflections of a Residential School Survivor

Today is the 2nd anniversary of the Government of Canada’s official apology to former students of Indian Residential Schools.  To mark the date, Ottawa-based journalist Martha Troian sat down with one former student and heard her story of time spent at residential school, her reflections on the apology, and how she learned to forgive. She was […]

Residential School Money: Has It Helped Survivors Heal?

The Aboriginal Healing Foundation (AHF) has just released The Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement’s Common Experience Payment and Healing: A Qualitative Study Exploring Impacts on Recipients. (PDF of study available here.) The Common Experience Payment (CEP) is a component of the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement and is intended to monetarily recognize and compensate the […]