Mission Improbable

A few years ago, someone sent me figures downloaded from a Canadian website. Those figures identified the amount of year-end bonuses paid out to Indian Affairs bureaucrats. If I remember correctly, the data also included the program or branch where these employees were doing such remarkable work to earn millions of dollars in bonuses. You […]

Who is Indian Affairs helping in England?

Who is Indian and Northern Affairs Canada helping in England? That’s a darned good question. In fact, I’d like to know more after this little tidbit arrived in my email inbox from a helpful gnome, and another version arrived via my newsreader. I’ve contacted Marci, the media contact listed at the bottom of the news […]

First Nations Funding: A System Built to Fail?

During our recent sit-down with outgoing Chief Marcel Balfour, it wasn’t long before the discussion turned to Canada’s infamous ‘2% funding cap.’ That’s the cap Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) places on annual increases to First Nations’ budgets. According to a report hosted on the department’s own website, this “2 per cent funding cap […]