Mission Improbable

Mission Improbable
Mission Improbable

A few years ago, someone sent me figures downloaded from a Canadian website. Those figures identified the amount of year-end bonuses paid out to Indian Affairs bureaucrats. If I remember correctly, the data also included the program or branch where these employees were doing such remarkable work to earn millions of dollars in bonuses. You know, work they did in “land claims” or “education”.

Your mission – if you choose to accept it – is to find out who compiles such figures?  Tell us where we might find these figures for ourselves (via the Internet). It’s not a mission impossible; just a Mission Improbable.

What do you get in return? The bottomless thanks of a grateful nation (Mohawk, of course) and a ride on my personal jet (as soon as I get a job at Indian Affairs and can afford one).

Good luck. This message will self-destruct in…. (Mission Impossible Theme)

2 thoughts on “Mission Improbable

  1. For a sec there, I thought you might be havin a laugh, Daniel, but it’s for reals! The federal government bonuses, that is, which, among other year-end payouts, have been redubbed “performance pay,” according to a Aug. 2010 Globe & Mail article. See the full piece for all the details, including the fact that Indian and Northern Affairs Canada execs made the top 4: by my read, 274 upper bureaucrats received a total of $3.5-million in “bonus” pay, for an average of apx. $12,774 each. I call shotgun in your jet!

  2. I didn’t know you replied until just now. Yepper, Rick me boy. I ain’t kidding about this. But there is a web site, a non-governmental group, that parses this type of information department by department. I was gobsmacked when I read the bonuses they were giving themselves for the great work they were doing at Indian Affairs. Like my playwright friend would say: “It made me laugh. It made me cry.”

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