Oil’s Slippery Slope

I like oil. Oil brings me things. Things like home heating, air conditioning, electricity. It means people aren’t burning trees so I can hike through forests. It means people aren’t burning coal so I can breathe without blackening my lungs. It means communities don’t have to be flooded so someone can jam up a river […]

One little planet. One BIG farm.

Since the ’30s, the days of the family farm have been numbered. The dustbowl sucked young farmers off the land faster than you can say “plague of grasshoppers.” But there were always dirt die-hards who hung on — even flourished — once the rain fell again and the insecticide giants and genetically modified crop scientists bent […]

Portrait of a Photographer: Edward Curtis Comes to Canada

BOOK REVIEW: Edward S. Curtis: Above the Medicine Line, Portraits of Aboriginal Life in the Canadian West – Rodger D. Touchie, Heritage House Publishing, 2010, 191 pgs. The first time I heard the name Edward S. Curtis was in a library.  Somehow in a book somewhere I read he was a great American photographer fixated with images […]