My digital de-cluttering diary

Every now and then, my digital desktop gets cluttered with junk. Oh, sure, it’s all gold at first, oh so worthy of attention at some point… just not now. Taken from news sites, blogs or emails, I really, really intend to post something about these subjects, either to my own blogs or to this one. […]

It’s you, always you: the realities of Aboriginal / non-Aboriginal reconciliation

No, this isn’t a late Valentine’s card. This has got nothing to do with love or relationships. Well, maybe relationships but not the personal kind. More like the international kind. No, it’s not a ‘kiss-and-make-up’ kind of thing either. It’s more a sort of ‘kindly-remove-yer boot-from-my-neck’ kind of thing. A ‘why-blame-me-cuz-it’s yer-boot’ type of thing. […]