VIDEO: “Survival, Strength, Sisterhood” tells 20 year story of BC’s missing/murdered women march

Appreciated energy behind this community-centered documentary telling the two-decades long history behind Vancouver’s annual march — now thousands-strong — in memory of murdered or missing women from the Downtown Eastside, “a neighbourhood deeply misunderstood.” Co-creators Alejandro Zuluaga and Harsha Walia have produced a doc that earnestly explores the “realities of women organizing for justice,” as […]

Lead Pickton investigator may’ve broken silence, but all-but-omits key fact

In a special letter to today’s Vancouver Sun entitled “Top Robert Pickton cop in his own words,” retired RCMP inspector Don Adam attempts to respond to the mountain of criticisms over the RCMP-Vancouver Police Missing Women Task Force’s handling of the investigation into this convicted serial killer. As head of the so-called ‘Pickton investigation,’ Adam […]

AUDIO: Interview with David Hugill, author of ‘Missing Women, Missing News’

Last week, I caught a fascinating presentation at the University of Manitoba by David Hugill about his new book, Missing Women, Missing News: Covering Crisis in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. According to the publisher’s blurb, Hugill’s book “examines newspaper coverage of the arrest and trial of Robert Pickton, the man charged with murdering 26 street-level sex workers from […]