Sweet Tweets: UN Declaration, 140 characters at a time

"Art. 22.2. Together w/Indigenous peoples, States shall act 2 ensure women + children fully protected..."

In an ill-advised bout of social media enthusiasm, I thought it would be cool and nifty and useful if I tweeted the UN Declaration pertaining to Indigenous Peoples rights. Had I known beforehand what it would take to distill the dang thing, I might have re-thought my initial impulse. But I persevered and glad I’m did: below you will find the fruits of my labours, re-purposed via the amazing tool Storify.

One thought on “Sweet Tweets: UN Declaration, 140 characters at a time

  1. Canadian PM Stephen Harper won’t even acknowledge all of those books sent to him by Yan Martel. I doubt even when boiled down, condensed, simplified, whether he’ll even glance at what you’ve done. Still, as with Martel, good on ya for trying. I’m sure a lot of other people will be reading UNDRIP for the first time thanks to you.

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