Make Sure to Help Yourself to a Morsel of ‘Moosehead Stew’

Aboriginal cartoonists are a rarity, and female Aboriginal cartoonists are rarer still.

So it is with much pleasure that I stumbled upon the still-young Canadian strip Moosehead Stew, by Alina Pete, “a Cree girl from Saskatchewan.”

Here’s a mini–bio I cribbed from one of her strips:

My Indian Status card says I’m from Little Pine First Nation, a reserve in Western Saskatchewan, in a valley carved by the Battle River and surrounded by hills where the prairie grass grows tall in the summer and deer graze alongside the cattle.

But I’ve never lived there. I was born in Saskatoon, a city on the South Saskatchewan River. I’ve walked every mile of that river from one side of the city to the other a thousand times over.

Prairie sage, growing wild on the hills… and saskatoon berries, struggling for sun under a city bridge. This is where I am from.

As you can see, Ms. Pete has a nice way with words. Click on the picture above for one of her more recent strips: expect links to new installments of Moosehead Stew here in future.

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