INTERVIEW: Prof. Chris Powell on why ‘Canada’ and ‘genocide’ can and should belong in the same sentence

Today on Urban Nation LIVE, home to my alter-media-ego on Winnipeg’s STREETZ FM, I had the opportunity to discuss the provocative thesis of my friend Chris Powell‘s new book, “Barbaric Civilization: A Critical Sociology of Genocide.” An assistant professor of sociology at the University of Manitoba, Powell’s thesis is provocative because he applies the book’s radical premise — that “civilization produces genocides” — not only to places like Rwanda and Nazi Germany but to Canada as well.

Indeed, as you’ll hear in the interview, Powell asserts that this country’s deliberate design, construction and support for the ‘Indian’ residential school system (a system whose multiple legacies we continue to live and struggle with today) is only the most recent example of Canada’s calculated campaigns of genocide against Indigenous peoples.

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One thought on “INTERVIEW: Prof. Chris Powell on why ‘Canada’ and ‘genocide’ can and should belong in the same sentence

  1. HELLO ! I am a mother of the 60- 70 Scoop 🙁  I placed my children with the children’s aide society in 1968 in order to give myself sometime to better my life in order to give my 3 children a better life and get off welfare. I was living on a measily $167.00 in the 60’s ..$75.00 of this went to rent. the rest was for  food, clothing,misc, outings etc?? In january of 2011 i heard on the news that in those years ppl on welfare were not being given the appropriate amount to live on ?? 50  years after the fact?? whenn i phoned to see how my children were doing the CAS worker told me she could not tell  me where they were but they were not there.
    Is this how canada treats the women and the children of canada ?? Obviously it is . they call it assimulation but it is pure Genocide against the first nations of this great land we call home ( Canada our home and native land ) ?? 40 years with out our children is a great injustice to us all!! we want justice for the punishment we have endured.The scoop has nothing to do with the residential schools and they are trying to sweep it under the carpt of the IRS’s ?? We are not going to let this happen . the scoop is entirely a different subject. Eporting our children out of the country without parents approval ?? under faulse Id’s that were isuued for their crossing in a very sneaky manner?? Proves that what ever they were doing was illegal and covered it up or tried to. lol now the scoopers are speaking out and so am I. wouldn’t you ?  the scoopers ar gathering in broad view sask aug 19th be sure to be there and get it first hand from the kids who loved through the greatest eodus of all times?? Melba Sanoffsky a 60 Scoop mother and i got a story to tell 🙂

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