Indigenous Research Roundup: December 2010

You would not believe the quantity of professional research being produced around the world on Indigenous peoples, cultures, economies, demography, geography… you name it, someone’s studying it and publishing on it.

And so, to help you stay in the loop, we are pleased to present what we hope will be a semi-regular (or at least occasional) feature, the “Indigenous Research Roundup.” Each edition will offer a basic list of new papers and studies that we’ve quasi-curated from the web’s steady stream of academic material.

Please note that, due to the sheer volume of output, only the document titles will be listed here. Also, not all of the research featured is free to view: some sites require you to pay, register and/or subscribe in order to read or download an item. In some cases, clicking a link will launch the download of a PDF file.


  • A comparison of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal entrepreneurs in the Quebec forestry sector


  • A Glimmer of Hope: A Review of Recent Works on the Relations between Indigenous Peoples and Settler Society
  • Public­ private partnerships in the promotion of sport and well­being: a governance model





  • Securing a Future: Cree Hunters’ Resistance and Flexibility to Environmental Changes, Wemindji, James Bay


  • My Life is My Ceremony: Indigenous Women of the Sex Trade Share Stories about their Families and their Resiliency

4 thoughts on “Indigenous Research Roundup: December 2010

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  2. As someone who will be teaching an anthro class on Indigenous Communities next term, thanks for making my life easy!

    I’m going to have my students tweeting about different regions of the globe Maybe I’ll have them find a research article each month as well, which we can post on our course blog. I’ll be sure to send the link your way if we do!

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