You say divided, I say diverse: Is Idle No More about factionalism or freedom?

As people frantically try to get a handle on the explosive, never-a-dull-day developments in Indian Country lately, one recent exchange in the media caught my attention: the battle to characterize and frame the semi-spontaneous events on the ground collectively known as ‘Idle No More.’ The exchange began when National Post columnist Andrew Coyne asserted the […]

POLL: How should a BC Legion atone for publishing a joke about ‘beer-baiting’ and hunting Indigenous people to their death?

A Legion based out of Cranbrook BC is at the center of a storm over a racist joke printed in its August 2012 newsletter. The joke’s premise features non-native hunters from two different Prairie provinces discussing whether it’s okay to pick off Indians with a rifle. After the one shows the other how it’s done […]

Retired captain: How Northern Gateway may ‘consult’ and ‘accommodate’ Aboriginal interests

An interesting theory has been floated in the Vancouver Sun by “an 87-year-old retired West Coast sea captain” about the Northern Gateway pipelines. In his editorial “Harper gov’t playing ‘shell game’ on pipeline,” Capt. Edward Wray alleges that “the [federal government’s] and Enbridge’s so-called plan” for the ultimate route relies on a diversionary strategy: get people […]