Tohono O’odham Go On Record, Oppose Arizona Immigration Law

It’s official: the Tohono O’odham Nation are now publicly and formally coming out against Arizona’s new immigration law, partially answering my recent question about what Indigenous people of the area make of all the controversy surrounding the soon-to-be enacted law: The [Nation] … strongly opposes enactment of Arizona’s new immigration law, SB 1070. The law […]

Controversy Brews Anew Over Koff “Indian” Beer Ads

The always interesting Blue Corn Comics by Rob Schmidt has recently come across a TV ad for Koff “Indian” Beer (a Carlsberg product) that Schmidt believes “emphasizes the uncomfortable connection between Indians and alcohol.”  See for yourself: Huh. You don’t see that very often: teepee-as-nightclub. Here’s another spot in the series, which I believe came […]