Black Hills, Dark History: A Photo Essay

In this presentation at TEDxDU at University of Denver, non-Aboriginal photographer Aaron Huey discusses his series of images taken over 5 years on the Pine Ridge Oglala Lakota Sioux reservation, a place Huey describes as “ground zero for Native issues in the U.S.” Juxtaposing historical milestones in the US/Lakota relationship with contemporary photographs, Huey showcases […]

Tom Tomorrow on SB 1070

Another ‘comic‘ take on Arizona, this time from one of my favorite political cartoonists, Tom Tomorrow. His weekly strip, This Modern World, is always worth a read. (Click on the panel to see the cartoon in its entirety.)

POLL: Should We Keep or Kill Bill C-3?

With posts on the arguments for and against Bill C-3 now up on our site, it only seems fitting that we conduct a poll to hear what you think. Admittedly, these options are a bit reductive, especially given the confusing legal labyrinth that make up Status inheritance laws, but we thought we’d test the waters — […]