When is settling “selling out?” Addressing Cobell’s critics

Once again, Elouise Cobell’s land trust fight has been pushed back, this time to Oct. 15, 2010. Uh-huh. In my ongoing account of the Cobell case (“War & Trust & the Waiting Game,” June 5, 2010; “How slow can it go?” Aug. 1, 2010), I’ve mentioned that there is opposition within Indian country (and among […]

New Year’s Revolutions: Two cases of financial justice for Aboriginal peoples

2011 is just a month old and already the world is a changed place. I refer to dramatic developments in two stories I looked at last year: the fight of Elouise Cobell, and the financial mismanagement trial of 5 men on the Grizzly Bear Head Mosquito First Nation. Cobell, you’ll recall, is the Blackfeet warrior […]