First look at ‘LAST CALL INDIAN’

The documentary Last Call Indian begins with a simple premise captured in its very first shot. The narrator’s voice begins as the camera pulls back from an empty bed fitted with railings in a small sunlit bedroom. It’s a sick room. The empty bed speaks volumes. Then a woman’s voice emerges, soft and clear: “I’ve […]

Doin’ the Oka Shuffle

You’ve probably heard via the news media that “Oka is heating up again.” That there are “rising tensions with Mohawks on the 20th anniversary of the Oka Crisis.”  Maybe you’ve heard that “Mohawks are angry with a developer” who wants to build on land he says he bought, fair and square, but that the Mohawks […]

What Impact Did the Oka Crisis Have On You?

mediaINDIGENA‘s own Waubgeshig Rice has a stellar piece in today’s Facts & Arguments section of the Globe about the 1990 Oka Crisis. (Although I’m frankly baffled, to put it charitably, by the accompanying picture.) In “Oka helped us find our voice,” Waub nails it when he writes: “We learned what it truly meant to be […]

“The Real Oka” and Other Conspiracy Theories

I read Doug George’s anti-warrior diatribe in Tuesday’s Montreal Gazette (“As I Saw It: The Real Oka Story,” July 13, 2010) with a mixture of shock, horror, and sadness — roughly in that order. It’s clear (to me, anyway) that he doesn’t know the real story at all. In fact, the only sentence I could trust […]