New stats on Aboriginal youth sport and culture activity

Earlier this month, StatsCan released a study entitled “Participation in sports and cultural activities among Aboriginal children and youth.” Based on the 2006 Aboriginal Peoples Survey, the report drew on a total of 11,940 respondents, representing nearly 170,000 children. First, the overall picture: over 65% of Aboriginal children participated in sports at least once a […]

Fastest-growing population also the fastest to die

A disturbing new study coming out of the Journal of Rural Health shows that the infant mortality rate in Manitoba is twice the Canadian average. Led by University of Montreal researcher Zhong-Cheng Luo, the study looked at 25,000 Aboriginal births and 125,000 non-Aboriginal births. According to the study’s abstract, researchers divided the births into four […]

Women and Children First (to Go)

Hooray!  When Canada seizes control of the agenda at the next G8 meeting, Stephen Harper is making the health of women and children a priority!  He said so in a Toronto Star opinion piece last month: There is a pressing need for global action on maternal and child health. As president of the G8 in 2010, […]