INTERVIEW: Amnesty International rates Canada on International World’s Indigenous Peoples Day

Quickly thought I’d share yesterday’s Aug. 9 interview I conducted on UN Live with Craig Benjamin, Indigenous rights campaigner with Amnesty International Canada, on account of that day being International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. I invited Craig on to evaluate the present social, economic, political and ecological state of affairs for Indigenous people in the Americas, […]

Innocent Indigenous Women Finally Released From Mexican Prison

Al Jazeera‘s Franc Contreras files this report on the release of Alberta Alcántara and Teresa González Cornelio, two Indigenous Otomi women falsely charged with holding federal police officers hostage. Additional background on their case is available through Amnesty International. The Associated Press also filed a story about their release. But the women’s convictions were only overturned […]

Mapping the Missing and Murdered

In an attempt to both raise awareness and possibly assist with the investigation of missing and murdered Aboriginal women in this country, I have drawn on the power of Google Maps. It is simply scandalous that, as of July 2009, the past three decades have seen over 520 indigenous women disappear or die violently in […]