James Cameron to visit Alberta tarsands with First Nations

“Avatar” director accepts invitation from former Chief of the Mikisew Cree Nation George Poitras and the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN)

Clayton Thomas-Muller, an organizer with the IEN says he spoke with Cameron at a special screening of Avatar in NYC earlier today and that the director-turned-activist has agreed to take part in a “fact finding mission” in northern Alberta.

The Kapuskasing, Ontario born director recently made headlines when he called the Alberta tarsands a “black eye” on Canada’s environmental image.

There’s no word on when the visit will take place.  More to follow…

UPDATE: Speaking to a Canadian Press reporter Poitras says Cameron’s visit is likely a long way off but that it would go a long way in changing the public’s opinion about the tarsands development, compared by some to “Mordor” from the Lord of the Rings film trilogy.   – TF

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