First in 4-part Aboriginal Graphic Novel Series to Hit Shelves: “Stone”

Stone, the first in a four-part series of graphic novels called 7 Generations, is set to be released Apr. 15.

The series follows Edwin, a present-day Aboriginal teenager, on his journey to understand and reconcile with his family’s history. The striking colour cover accompanies black-and-white illustrations inside.

7 Generations will span the history of “the proud Plains Cree in the early 19th century .. [from] disease and famine, to the residential school system in the 20th century.”

Written by Winnipeg-based, Swampy Cree author David Robertson and illustrated by Scott Henderson, the remaining three graphic novels are to be completed over the next 18 months. One of the Winnipeg Free Press’ community offshoots did a nice profile on the author.

Here’s a promo video to give you a flavour:

The series is published by Highwater Press, a trade imprint of Portage & Main Press.

Can’t wait to read it? Buy the book directly from the P&M site.

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