Digital Tools for Learning & Preserving Indigenous Languages

Aniin!  Interested in learning an Indigenous language?  Here are two digital tools that might make it easier:

The folks over at the Miyo Wahkohtiwin Community Education Authority have taken their Online Cree Dictionary and turned it into an iPhone/iPad app, free of charge.

Not i-based but still just as cool is Isadore Toulouse’s dimdim-based Anishinabemowen (Ojibway) virtual classroom.  Also free of charge, the classroom operates every Wednesday at 7:30 PM ET.


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4 thoughts on “Digital Tools for Learning & Preserving Indigenous Languages

  1. Awesome! If I had an iPhone I would attend Isadore Toulouse’s virtual classroom to continue learning and improving upon my Anishinaabemowin! 😀

  2. Hi Cecilia,

    The beauty of Toulouse's online course is that you don't need an iPad, just a decent internet connection. It's website based (and pretty cool, I checked it out the other night!).


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