Through Our Own Lens: Three Indigenous Photographers

Great article in this month’s UpHere Magazine. “Through Our Own Lens” is a look at the work of three Indigenous photographers from northern Canada, James Jerome (Dene), Peter Pitseolak (Inuit), and George “Kaash Klaõ” Johnston (Tlingit). We’ve seen many images of our history taken by outsiders, so to see the past through our own lens […]

G20 Groundswell: A Photojournal

As we mentioned in an earlier post, photographer Scott Stephens is on the ground in Toronto, covering the protests surrounding the G8/G20 Summits. The gallery below is a sample of the images he captured at a protest rally on June 24, 2010. [album:] mediaINDIGENA will be showcasing more of Scott’s amazing photos in the […]

Some Inflated Thoughts About Treaty Payments

I sent away for my “treaty money” the other day. Apparently, you can do that now. Growing up in Manitoba, treaty money was usually collected in person at “Treaty Days,” which commemorated the occasion of your First Nation signing its bilateral treaty with the Crown. Many treaty communities still host their own Days. It was […]

America’s First Warriors: Native Americans and Iraq

NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” has a great interview with Osage photojournalist Steven Clevenger, author of America’s First Warriors: Native Americans and Iraq. Among the topics discussed in the interview, why do Native American people serve in such high numbers for a country that historically treated them so badly? Have a listen and check out […]