Aboriginal language speakers: Canada’s spy agency wants you!

If you can speak any of this country’s 65 or so Aboriginal languages, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) may have a job for you. According to an ad on their website, Canada’s spy agency is seeking “Translators / Interpreters – Foreign and Aboriginal Languages” who among other things, “possess an excellent ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines without a loss of efficiency or effectiveness.”

Here’s the ad.

Now I can’t say with any certainty why CSIS wants Aboriginal interpreters – and any explanation from them seems unlikely (they ARE a spy agency). But I do believe recruitment of this sort adds even more mistrust to an already nervous Indigenous peoples ‘activist’ community.

[Image via Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)]

One thought on “Aboriginal language speakers: Canada’s spy agency wants you!

  1. Sheesh. The last place I would be going to would be CSIS. Aid the colonizer!! They want to know what’s really going on in Indian Country.

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