Aboriginal artist makes amazing one-time offer to our Kickstarter backers, and time’s almost up!

With just under a week to go, our Kickstarter campaign to create an audiobook of Waubgeshig Rice’s debut stories is over two-thirds of the way towards its $11,000 goal, a feeling both thrilling and terrifying at the same time.

"Teachings of the Sweatlodge," © A. Paquette, 2010
“Teachings of the Sweatlodge,” © A. Paquette, 2010

Adding to the thrill, an amazing and unexpected act of generosity by Cree/Métis artist Aaron Paquette. Out of nowhere, he has stepped forward to kindly donate the use of this stunning work to our campaign.

Entitled “Teachings of the Sweatlodge,” it is a work Paquette says has never before been licensed for reproduction, and, he vows, never will be again: “What donors should know is [that] this is the only time that print will ever be available. Ever. I’ll never sell it.”

And get this: Aaron put forward his offer only after he pledged to this Kickstarter. As with over 150 others like him so far, he believes in this project, and Waub and I are just so touched to have inspired such a selfless act on Aaron’s part.

So, how can a print of this stunning work be yours? Only if you pledge of course. Here’s the deal: along with the digital Midnight Sweatlodge Audiobook, you’ll receive an 11-x-17 colour, photo-lithograph reproduction of this image for the incredible Kickstarter-only price of just $45 (plus shipping). And remember, that is only until Tuesday Dec. 23 (at 5:13 p.m.), at which point this print goes off the market forever.

And if you’re holding out for an even greater deal still, consider our ‘Full Meal Deal’ package: the audiobook, soft-cover versions of both of Waub’s books (Midnight Sweatlodge and his recently released novel, Legacy), plus the one-of-a-kind print—all for the one awesome price of $85 (plus shipping).

Visit our Kickstarter page before it’s too late!

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