OMG, I ♥ the OAG (the Office of the Auditor General of Canada)

AG Sheila Fraser

To me, the Office of the Auditor General of Canada (OAG) has been among the best barometers of how well the feds have honoured their agreements with Indigenous peoples.

With Aboriginal affairs a stated priority since her term began in 2001, AG Sheila Fraser has produced a number of audits into Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, quite a few of them scathing. Audit and report areas investigated include:

(This but scratches the surface of material available on the OAG site. To see it all, check out the results of this search using the term ‘Aboriginal.’)

Recently quoted as saying “First Nations citizens have waited too long to have the level and quality of services that other Canadians receive every day and, quite frankly, take for granted,” the outgoing AG has proven herself a key proponent of equity for Aboriginal interests. I hope her successor proves just as tenacious.

3 thoughts on “OMG, I ♥ the OAG (the Office of the Auditor General of Canada)

  1. I have been a long time admirer of Sheila Fraser as the Auditor General. She has proven to be honest and fair-minded in dealings with First Nations. As one of the most trusted public figure, she has stated that First Nations are onerously ladened with accountability measures imposed by the federal government. No one seems to take this into account with writing about First Nations, least of all the Canadian Taxpayer Association. Her term as Auditor General is coming to an end this year May 31 and I fear First Nations will lose an ally to fairness.

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