INTERVIEW: Author Joseph Boyden talks book sequels and film adaptations

Since winning the Giller Prize in 2008, author Joseph Boyden has been working steadily on numerous projects, including his latest publication, a contribution to Penguin’s ‘Extraordinary Canadians’ series. Louis Riel & Gabriel Dumont examines the lives of these two legendary Métis leaders and it’s already garnered a lot of attention.  Of Métis descent himself, Boyden […]

Oil Spill Solidarity Among Indigenous Peoples of the Americas: VIDEO

Al-Jazeera English files this report of an amazing act of solidarity and support shown by an Ecuadorian Indigenous delegation towards the Houma people in the state of Louisiana, hit hard by the recent BP Oil Spill. As you’ll see in this AJE story, making the journey northward were representatives of the Assembly of Communities Affected […]

BP Spill and Louisiana Tribes: “This oil is just going to finish us.”

The Miami Herald has published a comprehensive look by reporter Joseph Goodman at how the ever-flowing BP oil spill threatens to impact the region’s Indigenous peoples, namely, the Chitimacha and the Houma. As far back as May 6, 2010, the chief of Pointe-au-Chien shared his concern with mediaINDIGENA about the spill, given “almost 80% of […]