Our new and improved Patreon goals

We’ve made some semi-recent changes to our Patreon, the membership platform that makes it simple for fans to financially support their favorite creators with monthly pledges. They consist of revisions to the focus and format of our goals (a.k.a. milestones): from the creation of full episode transcripts to live online and even face-to-face events, the idea is to further enrich and expand the ways we connect and commune with those who believe in what we do.

As a proudly 100% audience-funded operation, we make the best of the support we have, but the greater the number of people investing in our work, the more we’ll be capable of taking on as a result. So if you like what we’ve managed to make with the backing of some 600 monthly patrons, we think you’ll love what we envision at a coupla thousand! To put some meat on those bones, here’s what we commit to deliver at each new level of patronage.


750 patrons: We transcribe and share every episode

950 patrons: We host special online Ask Me Anything sessions with members of the MI roundtable

1125 patrons: Our newsletter expands to include more personalized contributions from roundtablers

1300 patrons: We adapt our special summer shows into print form as booklets

1500 patrons: We compile those booklets into a single book

2000 patrons: We stage a weekend event to bring together MI fans with the MI roundtable!

3000 patrons: Host/producer Rick quits day job to do MEDIA INDIGENA full-time!

We hope you’re as excited as we are to envision MI’s future on such an ambitious scale. As we put it in the ‘About’ portion of our Patreon page:

Firmly rooted in Indigenous perspectives, First Nations owned and operated, we at MI know that editorial and financial independence go hand in hand. And as our audience has grown steadily over these initial [270]+ episodes, so too has our core of supporters, whose collective investment has ensured our basic production and distribution costs are covered.

Five years into the podcast, we’re eager to build atop this foundation, to realize the full scope of MEDIA INDIGENA’s ultimate vision … With those first five years under our belt, can you imagine where the next five could take us? As always, the answer will ultimately be up to our patrons. We invite you to join them in helping to make our vision a reality.

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